About Sui Generis Pty Ltd

Sui Generis Pty Ltd est. 11.11.11 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a privately held organisation that specializes in medical innovation, research and development. We have a lean international team and work with world class developers to economically bring quality projects to fruition for you.

What is ethrift.io?

Our first project ethrift.io is an Australian AUSTRAC registered non-custodial digital currency exchange. At launch it features AUD/ETH ETH/DAI trading pairs and DSR savings vault. Our system allows for the instant payments from traditional banking FIAT systems using New Payment Platform (NPP) services PayID and Oska and the customers cryptocurrency is received directly to their eth-wallet.

ethrift.io is a non-custodial service meaning that the customer retains ownership of their crypto and secures their own private keys. The objective of ethrift.io is to facilitate the safe onboarding of newcomers to the crypto space and promote the ownership of one's own digital assets. We do this by providing MetaMask integration so that we may deliver digital currencies directly to your wallet upon purchase, using New Payments Platform (NPP) processing systems PayID and Osko.

ethrift.io is intended to be a simple and friendly portal to get started using the blockchain and is the gateway to our greater ecosystem. The first build is completed and we are planning a soft go-live, end of January, in concert with the private presale for our RIFT token which will have utility in all our projects.

What is omniCAT?

This unique and innovative platform is a game changing open sourced and decentralised biometrics screening tool that can improve the lives of many and holds potential for a multitude of applications for individuals, private companies and public and government organisations. The purpose of this project, from a consumer perspective, is to empower patients to own, understand and contribute to their health data; and from a health organisation and public health perspective to empower junior and nursing staff to have confidence in making clinical decisions, standardisation of interpretation, processing of health data, case identification, knowledge sharing and shared decision making, monitoring of population and many other applications. Currently health data is all siloed; most will just be lost and are not used in a proactive and actionable way, we intend to leverage Ai-ML to actively process, interpret, analyse data to the benefit of our customers health. This private blockchain system built on HyperLedger with BESU is true to our calling as a medical innovation, research and development company. RIFT token will be required to access this platform. This project has a 150 day build time following the launch the aforementioned exchange.

What is Dominion DAO?

Dominion DAO is a guild system for enterprise syndicate trading. It provides a comprehensive suite of features and smart contracts to support the facilitation of business and trade in an environment which enhances the potential for cooperation and collaboration. DAO formation, governance, treasury management, communication channels, multi-party decision making tools, multi-signature wallets and various financial instruments will be made available to individuals and organisation who establish a Dominion on our network.

Dominion DAO will enable Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Sovereign Currencies to be effectively used to facilitate trade and investments, as well as industrial and economic activity between nations. Dominion DAO will prove economical in regard to the settlement of domestic and international transactions and will reduce the cost and volatility of exchanging sovereign currencies.

What is coming up?

Included in the first upgrade to ethrift.io are system improvements for optimisations to improve speed and reduce costs for customers and the platform itself, backend risk mitigation and transaction monitoring tools, enhanced onboarding and KYC procedure, and upgrades to access more features of Monoova API. Notable new features will include Polygon Bridge and Polygon DEX an innovative multiswap protocol, defi lending pools, token holders rewards program, new premium tokens including DOT, wrapping with RENBTC and integration for our own RIFT token to enable favorable rates and features. Concurrently we are building omniCAT and Dominion DAO infrastructure.

How do I verify my account?

To access the trading features of our service all customers must pass Know-Your-Customer KYC processes facilitated by our partner Green ID. As a registered Digital Currency Exchange registered with AUSTRAC we must remain compliant by abiding by our own AML/CTF Program. We may also request for additional documentation to confirm your identity.

How do I edit my account profile?

Any significant changes to your account profile must be reviewed. If you have lawfully changed your name please provide the relevant documentation for validation. Email addresses may not be changed without review. You may change your password.

Should I store my blockchain assets on ethrift.io?

ethrift.io is a non-custodial service; this means that you must store and secure your own blockchain assets. We recommend the use of MetaMask in conjunction with a hardware wallet.

Is ethrift.io safe and secure?

Our platform is very safe and secure and every measure has been taken to reduce the customers risk of exposure. By its nature the service requires the customer to play a primary role in their own security; please carefully secure your private keys and diligently utilise a hardware waller; protect your Bank Account and Internet Banking credentials; do not share your personal information publicly.

Do you manage a full reserve?

As a non-custodial service we do not take FIAT deposits or hold our customers blockchain assets.

Information Requests

It is our legal obligation to assist a range of government agencies in the event that they may seek customer information for the purpose of enforcing criminal law and laws imposing financial penalties, protecting public revenue and safeguarding the security of our Nation.

What kind of information can be requested?

A customer's name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth, records of account transaction history, account interactions, IP addresses and digital wallets and any communication received regarding the account may be requested by these agencies via a warrant, or court orders such as subpoenas and coronial requests.

How are requests for information reviewed?

To protect your privacy each request is carefully assessed and customer information may only be provided if the request is in accordance with the law. It is prohibited to provide details to the customer regarding specific requests made by law enforcement or national security agencies to the customer.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact support@ethrift.io for enquiries or to submit an information request.

For information on Australia's privacy principles, contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

How to make a complaint?

A complaint can be lodged in the following ways:

  1. Contact support@ethrift.io directly.

  2. If you are not satisfied with the response from customer support, please request Senior Management to review your complaint.

All complaints must be received in writing.

How long does it take?

If feasible your issue will be resolved immediately. However, depending on the nature of the issue we may require up to 10 business days to find resolution. You will kept informed during the course of the process.

If you're not satisfied with the outcome The Financial Ombudsman Service Australia is also available to assist if you feel that your concern was not fairly resolved.

GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001 Phone: 1800367287 Fax: 03 96136399 Email: info@fos.org.au Website: www.fos.org.au

What does AUSTRAC do?

The purpose of AUSTRAC's safegaurd the integrity of Australia's financial system against money laundering and terrorism financing. Money laundering is the term attributed to the process by which legitimately obtained funds are made to appear legitimate. Terrorism financing refers to the processing of dunds to support, sponor or facilitate terrorist activity.

AML/CTF Policy

In order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrosim Financing regulation the Company has created and will abide by and enforce the AML/CTF Program; to mitigate and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a criminal activity whereby deception is employed to make false representation for ones own personal gain or to cause loss to another. To this end the Company has created and will abide by and enforce Onboarding and KYC Risk Mitigation Procedures; to mitigate and prevent fraudulent acitvity.

Prohibited Users

All of the customer records are checked against international watch lists provided by; US Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and screened for Politically Exposed Persons. Any customer flagged as present on a sanctions database will be prohibited from the use of Designated Services.

Cybercrime prevention

Most attack vectors can be mitigated by employing some common sense, care and diligence. Cyber Criminals are seeking targets that can be quickly and easily exploited; therefore the more difficult you are able to make it for them the less likely an attack will be successful against you.

Use strong passwords and updated software

Avoid utilising simple passwords or passwords which are derived from your personal information. Be sure to mix in upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. One of the easiest ways to maintain security is to ensure your operating system and commonly used software is up to date; this ensures your system is not vulnerable to known exploits.

Protect your personal information

Exercise caution when sharing personal information such as your name, home address, phone number, and email address online. Attackers will attempt to get your information in many ways.

Use two-factor authentication

Enhance your security by enabling two-factor authentication. This significantly increases the difficulty for any attacker attempting to access your accounts.

Review your transaction history and banking statements regularly

It is possible to mitigate the potential impact of an attack by regularly reviewing your transaction history and banking statements for any unusual transactions. Identifying and being aware early that your security is at risk or has been compromised is critical.

Use of our services for unlawful purposes

It is prohibited to use our Designated Services for the purpose of facilitating or participating in any illegal activities including payments of ransom. Records of all transactions will be kept for future traceability.

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