Example Deployment

Dominion DAO dominions

In this example a collection of healthcare businesses have networked together in order to gain efficiencies of scale, to share resources and consolidate information. The individual members of Varsity Lakes Healthcare Guild consist of the local general practice clinics, business owners, the clinic staff, the contracted doctors, the students being trained, the nursing staff and contracted allied health professionals. Excepting support staff these members are each operating their own business within their General Practice Clinic in which they work.

With multiple clinics operating in the same suburb these business are generally providing the same service, using similar resources and incurring similar costs and much optimisation could be gained if these multiple businesses formed a guild so as to operate collectively when advantageous. For example; operating costs would be decimated should these 5 General Practice Clinics all purchase their inventory together through their local pharmacy for a better price. Furthermore, access to private lending pools within the guild allows parties such as the individual Medical Professional Contractors to finance ventures specific to their practice; for example purchasing a piece of medical equipment, or investing in professional development.

This group of health clinics in Varsity Lakes may also further expand their network to include affiliate guilds in neighbouring suburbs. They might include such organisations and local hospitals. medical suppliers, community banking, pathology laboratory's and other such complementary services.

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