The Guild System

What is a Guild?

Every participant of Dominion DAO is a Guild and every individual is a member of a Guild. A participant may be a government, an organisation, a collection of persons or, a single person. These Guilds serve to teach their members the fundamentals of their specialty and seek to advance their organisation and community through the collective effort and contributions of their members. Each Guild may have unique requirements for the enrollment of organisations and individuals as members. The Greater Guild; Oceanic Blockchain Federation, an adventurers guild operating predominantly in the Asia Pacific region offers an open standing invitation to the public; anyone may request enrollment or, to utilise the network as their guest. Dominion DAO Guilds are independently operated organizations. Participants may maintain 1 or more Guild memberships at any time. Each Guild will operate their own dominions, private sub-networks for; communication channels, multi-signature wallets, private liquidity pools, member management, platform feature access and for otherwise engaging in activities pursuant to the goals of their organisation.

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