Enterprise Syndicate Trading

What is syndicate trading?

A Syndicate is generally a formation of two or more parties who seek to collectively assume the risk of business and achieve economic efficiencies. Enterprise Syndicate Trading requires all parties to either be a legally registered commercial enterprise, sole-trader, partnership or the duly authorised agent of a trading entity. Barrett's Coffee House facilitates the use of smart contracts to establish the syndicate of nominated parties, it's purpose and terms of participation. Participants will also be required to provide suitable consideration for the Syndicate to be able to engage in the proposed activity. To conduct business the Syndicate participants should open a Private Lounge and Rooms at The Crypt and nominate the signatories of the multi signature wallet to be used for transactions; from here the group can communicate, share documents and information and coordinate the objectives of the Syndicate. Once the business of the Syndicate is concluded Barrett's Coffee House will assist in the liquidation of the Syndicate's assets with respect to the predetermined terms agreed by the parties at the outset of their venture.

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