Public Liquidity Pools

Public Commercial Decentralised Trading Liquidity Pools

The public liquidity pools are managed by Dominion DAO and are accessible to all Guilds registered with the DAO as well as individual members and guests. A number of premium trading pairs will be available. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the Open Pools for the collective benefit of the network and are incentivized by rewards paid in the DIVIDE stablecoin in proportion to their contribution to the pool. In order to reclaim an allocation and any fees earned from the Open Pools the liquidity provider should burn the portion of reward token awarded to them. Transactions made utilising the Open Pools incur a fee of 0.25% which is distributed to the liquidity providers. Borrowing from the Open Pools is permitted given that sufficient collateral is available and in excess of the credit requested. While these pools are open to all network participants the funds there are not co-mingled with that of the general public of those funds of any other pool outside the network. The funds of the Open Pool are provided optionally by Dominion DAO Guilds and their members. Approved Trading Syndicates may access the Open Pools if they wish and the option will be available in the configuration of the groups Private Lounge and Rooms at The Crypt. Generally the terms of borrowing and liquidation associated with the Open Pools will be favourable and protective of the network participants given the commercial nature of their enterprise and initial substantial contribution to the pools at the time of registration.

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