Massively Decentralised Economic Trading Block

The purpose of Dominion DAO is to create a Massively Decentralised Economic Trading Block consisting of Asia Pacific, Oceanic and Pacific Island Nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand by providing the means for Central Bank Digital Currencies to be effectively used to facilitate trade and industrial and economic activity between nations. Reserve Banks and Traditional Banking Institutions will have the opportunity to participate by operating as a Guild or Network of Guilds; and by adopting a whitelabeled offering for the backend through which they might integrate decentralised financial services into the existing infrastructure. Dominion DAO will prove economical in regard to the facilitation of domestic and international transactions and can reduce the cost and volatility of exchanging sovereign currencies. These institutions may also benefit from access to liquidity in digital assets for many other reasons. This infrastructure will support the development and growth of the presently struggling Small and Medium Sized Enterprise in providing a system of open banking and decentralised finance where they may seek an alternative to unsecured credit and holding reserves of cash. Dominion DAO will seek to target Healthcare Organizations and Independent Non-Unionized Farmers; these business classes can be greatly enhanced through use of the Guild system and co-operative Syndicate Trading as well by replacing a portion of their balance sheets with cryptocurrencies and taking advantage of decentralized finance solutions.

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