Dominion DAO will provide entrepreneurs and commercial Enterprises with the tools and Infrastructure to build their own Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for economic, financial, and social cooperation. Dominion DAO will build a Massively Decentralized Economic Trading Block comprising of Asia Pacific, Oceanic, and Pacific Island Nations. It will support the development and growth of independent traders and small and medium sized enterprise, global corporations and governments by providing a system of decentralised commercial banking enabled by decentralized finance instruments. Dominion DAO will enable Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Sovereign Currencies to be effectively used to facilitate trade and investments, as well as industrial and economic activity between nations and will prove economical in the settlement of domestic and international transactions, reducing the cost and volatility of exchanging sovereign currencies.

Key Features

  • Guild (DAO) Formation and Configuration and Governance

  • Decentralised Treasury Management for Deploying Capital and Distribution to Members

  • Integrated Secure Public and Private Multi-Party Communication Channels Combined with Multi-Signature Wallets

  • Suite of Smart Contracts to support Business Mechanics

  • Public, Private and Commercial Liquidity Pools with Significant TVL Potential

  • Dispute Resolution Services for Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration

  • Multinational FIAT On-Off Ramps

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