Ancillary Features

Useful features with a gamified experience

Dominion DAO is equipped with a number of ancillary features to further enhance a participants ability to use the network and engage with other members. These include but are not limited to the following:

Guild Hall and Zones Halls and zones are location on the network that are allocated to Guilds or Syndicates or Individuals for their specific uses.

Ranking Both Guilds and Individuals will receive a ranking based on TVL contribution and collective activity of participant(s) on the network. Ranking will indicate a participants perceived reputation, credibility and trust.

Level Cap A level cap will be implemented in regards to ranking.

Telepathy Telepathy is a method of secure direct messaging communication.

Teleportation Teleportation makes it simple to revisit a previously visited location on the network. A location may be a guild hall, zone, private and public rooms or lounges.

Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is a a feature which provides easy taxation reporting support and a dashboards for key metrics.

Instant Transmission Instant transmission is an enhanced swap protocol for efficiently moving or swapping tokens between guilds, individuals or between pools.

Jedi Mind Trick Force direct message to all network users, or selection of users. This feature may be used by Guilds only. Misuse is punitive.

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