The Crypt

What is The Crypt?

The Crypt houses the decentralised communications network of Dominion DAO. Leveraging Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol chat data is managed as a registry of stored messages across multiple nodes. A variety of open source clients may be used to access The Crypt services; including Public Dominion DAO Networks and the Private Networks of various Guilds or individual participants. Naturally, within these networks Public Lounges and Private Rooms are accessible where information can be shared and business dealing conducted. To support these activities integration will be provided for Secure Short Message Service to contribute to Public Feeds with optional cross posting to Twitter; and; elective multi signature wallets will accompany Private Rooms of Guilds approved for Syndicate Trading. The Crypt offers further useful functions for participants including; decentralised file storage and sharing, document library and an image gallery. This collection of tools will enhance the ability of members in dealing with sensitive information or confidential documents and records. Additional blockchain based tools also to be featured include a Blockchain Addressbook for securely recording blockchain addresses of multiple chains and details of their owners; and a Blockchain Notebook for recording critical information pertaining to transactions, business activity, trades or other such data which should be kept securely. An NFT Gallery is also available for private viewing of personal collections or for displaying works for general consumption or sale. Dominion DAO will make available a number of tools for dealing with NFT; such as bulk NFT transfers, public and private auctions and token distribution to specific NFT. Most importantly The Crypt will award participants with a Trust Metric by which others may recognise one's reputation, credibility and status within the network. The Trust Metric is determined by a participant's activity on the network and the quality of that activity; as determined by a network of peers. Karma may be imported from Reddit to begin and then will be subsequently modified with respect to participation in Dominion DAO.

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