Barrett's Coffee House

What is Barrett's Coffee House?

In order to function Dominion DAO requires a mechanism for the implementation and facilitation of governance, regulation, dispute resolution and membership. It is also critical for the decentralized autonomous organisation to accept some legal jurisdiction under which it can accept responsibility for promoting legitimate activity on the platform and have authority to mitigate risk and otherwise comply with the laws of the chosen jurisdictions. Governed by the Council of 9 Greater Guilds; Barrett’s Coffee House will serve as this mechanism. A decentralised application hosting a suite of smart contracts designed to support a multitude of functions , including; the election of leadership, enrolment of participants, the establishment of dominions, the formation of Syndicates, voting and polling, enforcement of arbitration, automated escrow and settlement of transactions and other services as required by participants of Dominion DAO. Barrett’s Coffee House may also provide general counsel, business support and legal guidance and advice to Guild and Individual participants.

Guild Registration

  1. Petition an Administrator

  2. Elect a Name

  3. Create a Crest and select a Class and Focus

  4. Acquire at least 3 Signatory Members

  5. Pay fee to establish dominion

  6. Contribute Minimum Liquidity and/or Collateral

  7. Implement Members

  8. Configure Hierarchy and Permissions

  9. Deploy 'Guild Bank' Treasury

  10. Issue Shares and Governance Token

Guild Configuration

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