Who Leads Dominion DAO?

Initially through development Dominion DAO will be cared for by the corporate entity Sui Generis Pty Ltd incorporated in Australia. This is entity is licensed by AUSTRAC to operate a digital currency exchange.

Once onboarding systems are completed Sui Generis Pty Ltd will form the guild Oceanic Blockchain Federation and this organisation will lead Dominion DAO through the authority of the Council of 9. The seats of the Council will be filled as new and influential guilds rise to power.

The First Dominion Oceanic Blockchain Federation is a public guild all intending participants of Dominion DAO may join by requesting an invitation. The speciality of this organisation is applied blockchain technology and it seeks to promote global adoption and to further the advancement of this emerging industry. OBF will forge networks of farmers, merchants, artisans, entrepreneurs, and professionals and bridge the geographic distance between South Pacific ocean-locked islands to unlock the potential of these isolated nations by introducing new and exciting next generation capabilities to the population. Council of 9 Council of representatives from the 9 most influential Guilds as voted by the network participants will govern the general business and strategic direction of the network. The Council will ensure that participants of Dominion DAO lawfully engage in their respective activities and conduct their business with honour and respect.

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