Welcome to Dominion DAO

The Mission

Our mission is to establish a multisite hospital and health service on the main island of Fiji supported by a roaming medical research and humanitarian aid vessel to deliver open finance and healthcare to the residents of the Pacific Island nations. Our application of blockchain technologies will; forge networks of farmers, merchants, artisans and professionals; bridge the geographic distance between ocean locked islands; and unlock the potential of these isolated nations by introducing new and exciting next generation capabilities to the population.

A New World

Blockchain is not just for digital money. Many familiar activities can be enhanced or re-imagined entirely. It's possible; to cheaply and quickly transfer funds internationally; or, take a loan against your digital assets; or, use NFT's as a way to digitise real world objects or tokenise artwork, represent ownership in them and secure royalties from sales in secondary markets.

Own Your Own Data

Traditionally internet services harvest customer activity data in exchange for access. Blockchain systems are open by default and do not require anything more than a wallet to access. Anything from financial data to healthcare data can be securely stored and accessible only by your wallet. Be empowered by blockchain to have control of your finance and health data.

The Masterplan

Our strategy is to undertake a series of projects each designed to develop specific competencies and generate resources such that, cumulatively, this effort will sufficiently prepare and evolve the Company to be able to deploy services in the Pacific Island region with all the necessary systems, knowledge, expertise and funding in place to execute our mission.

Target Markets

Our decentralised products will be accessible internationally however our target markets include our home countries Australia, New Zealand and Thailand; as well as, Fiji and other Pacific Island nations including Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and others comprising Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. The populace of these countries can benefit significantly from optimised money flows, blockchain enhanced business mechanics and open access healthcare systems.

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